MAY 14-16, 2021


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It's time to renew together!

Join us as we explore...

Hope that Transforms

Love that Transforms

Passion that Transforms



Anja Shoun is a wife, mother, and successful business owner who brings a powerful testimony and has experienced God’s amazing grace first hand. Her hope is that through her life and ministry, people would experience the presence of God and encounter Him in a powerful way.  As a lover of music, Anja produced her first solo album in 2018.  She also has a passion for Martial Arts, enjoys exercise and loves the great outdoors. 


Anja is currently part of both the worship and preaching teams at Grace Christian Fellowship in Portland, OR, and she is pursuing ordination as an Elder in the Free Methodist Church. She and her husband, Steve, live in Longview, WA. 

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Larissa Hawk is a pastor on staff at Grace Christian Fellowship in Portland, OR. She has a degree in Ministry Leadership with a focus on Creative Arts and has been worship leading for 15 years.  Larissa has a passion for teaching and performance,  currently teaches middle and high school music and drama, as well as teaching/performing misical theater. 


"I strongly believe that God created us all to experience and worship through music - no matter how "talented" or not you feel.  We can all sing, just as we can all talk.  We are made for it! ... Let's set at the feet of Jesus everything that inhibits us from expressing ourselves honestly to God and in that place of authenticity, let us expect [His] transformative work."



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