A Consecrated Deacon's Pathway

The Oregon FMC Ministerial Education & Guidance (MEG) Board

 is committed to assisting individuals in discovering, developing and living out God’s call on their lives.  This commitment is an ongoing process and one that is honed for greater clarity and effectiveness each year.

Is this path for me?


The Free Methodist Church (FMC) believes all Christians and members of our churches are “ministers”, called to love and serve God wholeheartedly.  Some members are called to the “itinerant ministry” and may be ordained to serve as pastors, referred to as “elders” in the FMC.  Elders commit to being under the authority of their overseers who may appoint them to particular communities, near or far.

Some members may be called to a more local and specific form of ministry. Neither intending nor desiring to be relocated under an appointment system, but desiring to serve in a formally credentialed and accountable fashion for the sake of Christ and His church - such a person may become a “Consecrated Deacon”


This Deacon's Handbook is designed to provide guidance for the local pastor and church Board of Administration (BOA) in recognizing, developing, and consecrating a person as a deacon in the local church.  The local pastor, BOA and potential candidate should carefully read through this handbook before beginning the process. (Please note that the checklist included with the Handbook is only fill-able after first being downloaded.)

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