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The Leadership Center was created in 2012 to empower leaders through internships, mentoring, and scholarship. Since our beginning we have coached hundreds of people in vocational opportunities while honing in on what it means to live out one’s calling.


We are particularly interested in supporting churches and non-profits to implement diverse and equitable practice that fits within their mission.  We recognize that one of the most important ways to do good in the world is by telling the transformative stories of individuals and organizations who are living out their calling in meaningful ways.


In this new season of reshaping The Leadership Center, we offer three areas of expertise to our broader Northwest and online community:

  • Executive coaching through one-on-one opportunities and seasonal cohorts.

  • Organizational consulting on how to implement diversity, equity, & inclusion in lasting ways that honor their community & sustain them for the future.

  • Sharing our stories of transformation and best practices through blogs, our Leadership Center podcast, and our Youtube channel. 

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Vocational Next Steps

Meet the Director...


Rev. Trisha Welstad, DMin

Trisha is a courageous, loving and whole-hearted leader whose vision for the world is for all people to own their unique identity and welcome one another to eat, play, and work together in mutually honorable, hospitable and generous ways that create healthy and sustainable relationships with God, self, others, and the planet.

In accomplishing this vision, Trisha has served as the director of the Leadership Center since 2012. Trisha is an ordained pastor and doctoral student in Leadership and Global Perspectives at Portland Seminary.
Trisha also supports Theologia: George Fox Summer Theology Institute as a grant principal, is a grant principal and director for The Institute of Pastoral Thriving at Portland Seminary, and teaches apprenticeship courses for Portland Seminary.