The Ordination Journey

The Oregon Free Methodist Church (FMC) Ministerial Education & Guidance (MEG) Board is committed to assisting individuals in discovering, developing and living out God’s call on their lives.  This commitment is an ongoing process and one that is honed for greater clarity and effectiveness each year.

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The Ministerial Development & Credentialing Process


Note:  Green title links below will open digital documents. Some are for reference and some will require completion by the candidate or his/her mentor.  Forms are fill-able once they are downloaded onto your device and re-opened to complete there and save.

Need some guidance?  Join MEG Chair, Kelly Cohoe,  for a walk through the process! 



What is required of someone seeking Elder ordination in the FMC?

This document outlines 15 attributes that align with healthy, effective, long-term ministry in the FMC. (Developed by the FMC-USA Ministerial Development & Credentialing team.)


Ministerial Development Process Guide

This guide walks a candidate through the 3 stages of requirements and expectations within the Ministerial Development & Credentialing (MD&C) process. 

STAGE I–   Becoming a Local Ministerial Candidate (LMC)
STAGE II– Becoming a Conference Ministerial Candidate (CMC)
STAGE III–For Ordination as Elder

During this process, the Oregon FMC MEG Admin provides support to ensure that a candidate's completed documents are submitted and saved properly for denominational recognition.


Ministerial Process Overview ('Subway Map')
This at-a-glance reference sketches the general process used for a candidate’s development and potential ordination in the Free Methodist Church.

Application/Registration Form
This link is required in STAGE I (see above) and is the online application/registration form required by the FM Ministerial Development & Credentialing (MD&C) office.  
Its function is to: 

1)  Initiate communication with MD&C via the Oregon MEG Board.

2)  Establish a candidate’s personal portfolio.


Personal (Yearly) Formation Plan

  • Example:    Used by the LMC as a guide to create a personal formation plan.  

  • Fillable Form:  Used in an expanded format for the yearly progress and care of both CMCs & Elders.  (Download first, to complete and submit.)

Ordination Brochure.PNG

Click above to access this current booklet from the
FMC-USA Ministerial Credentialing Dept.


Courses Available
(Click underlined links for more details!)


In the Oregon FMC: 

The Oregon Conference offers online, hybrid and cohort classes beginning each fall.  Current options are below.  Please contact the MEG Admin ( for information regarding registration, course dates and locations.  These dates will be confirmed early in August with candidates, mentors & lead pastors. 

Online & Distance Learning:

  •  FMC-USA Courses:  7-week Online Intensives,  8-month Correspondence Courses and more. (Click HERE for enrollment form.)

Other FM Institutions:

Pacific NW Affiliated Institutions:

This is one of our affiliated educational institutions in Oregon and offers courses and scholarships to FM students preparing for ordination.

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