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>Training Portal​ 

  • Session 1:  Intro--  Who Are We?  Who Are Our Neighbors?  Using the Knowledge

  • Session 2:  How to's--  Enter Church Data / Plot a Congregation

  • Session 3:  Engage With Data for Analytics

  • Session 4:  MissionInsite Reports & Analytics

The Oregon Conference has created your church account, so all you need to do is log in and begin!  Simply contact the Oregon Conference Office to confirm the email address that was used to create your church's account.  We trust this resource will help your church see and reach the community that truly surrounds you.  

       ​Annual Reports

  • Annual Intent Statement

Due by Jan. 31st each year.  This form is unique to each elder's appointment status and is sent directly to each one annually for completion.  A review of the "Minister's Code of Ethics is also required.

  • Annual Report  - Church Check-up

Typically due by Jan. 31st each year with updates as requested.

Each lead pastor receives a direct link to complete online.

Church Check-up Access - August 2021 

  • How to Report a Mid-Year Change

Local churches occasionally experience a mid-year change between annual reporting seasons.  PLEASE USE THIS LINK to report a mid-year change (i.e., church name change, church address change, change in corporation status, etc.) to the FMCUSA head office.

  • Church Ministry Report for Annual Conference

Due by April 1st.  This is a brief (1/2 page) overview of the previous year's ministry & outreach with 2-4 photos, and will be shared in the annual conference packet.



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       Church & Personal Finance

       Pension at FMCUSA

 (pension@fmcusa.org / 800-342-5531)

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