Quick References
for Pastors, Church Finance & More

Quick References for Pastors

       Annual Forms & Reports

  • Annual Intent Statement

Due by Jan. 31st each year.  This form is unique to each elder's appointment status and is sent directly to each one annually for completion.  A review of the "Minister's Code of Ethics is also required.

  • Annual Report to FMCUSA

Due by Jan. 31st each year.

Each lead pastor receives a direct link to complete this 4-part report.  


  • Church Ministry Report for Annual Conference

Due by April 1st.  This is a brief (1/2 page) overview of the previous year's ministry & outreach with 2-4 photos, and will be shared in the annual conference packet.


Quick References for Church Finance & More

Navigating in Woods

       Church & Personal Finance

       Pension at FMCUSA

 (pension@fmcusa.org / 800-342-5531)

         More Resources at FMCUSA

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