Inside a Marathon Mind

Aiming for 26.2 – or More?

Last fall I had an opportunity to observe my sister-in-law as she knocked off a 22-mile practice-run in one afternoon on the winding roads near Lake Wenatchee, WA. You may wonder like I do how 22 miles could only be considered practice. Practice for what?

Practice to qualify for none other than The 2019 Boston Marathon. In my mind “22 miles” and “practice-run” don't even belong together – much less somehow describe the expectation of a petite 5’4″ small-town elementary school teacher in her early 40s!

But it does make you think. Those of you who are runners know just how it feels to have what could be called, “Marathon Mind”. You do the unexpected. You adjust your routine. You train with others. You plan. You sacrifice. All so you can be well equipped to meet the challenge and even enjoy the thrill of the marathon itself.

2018 is our brand new marathon. And while no coveted 26.2 bumper sticker is promised at this finish line, a sense of God saying, “WELL DONE” certainly is!

In the Oregon Conference office I have the unique privilege to observe and run alongside dedicated leaders as they prepare events, pastor churches, serve on boards & committees, volunteer as church treasurers, teach children… the list goes on. It’s a joy to watch them run with excellence for Christ and his kingdom.

2018 brings with it many combined events, and great opportunities to work with others so we can run them well for the benefit of all. Do you know what they are? Are the dates already on your church calendar? Are you planning and preparing? Are you willing to go farther and offer your own God-given gifts and experience so the end result will be that much greater?

Yes, it will adjust your routine; may involve training, planning and at times even feel like sacrifice. But when you consider the life-changing opportunities being prepared so that children, adults, teens and pastors can all encounter God, grow, and experience healthy community along the way through joint conference events and ministries — wouldn’t you agree that every effort is worth it?

So step on in. Read about what’s coming. Ask questions and find out more. This may not be The Boston Marathon (and she did qualify, by the way!), but we can still step off the curb and with God setting the pace, run 2018 really well — together.

~Nancy Dunbar, Admin. Assistant Oregon Conference of the FMC