It all started with a baked potato.

Here is yet another story of God’s provision at Cascade View FMC in Sublimity this month, that simply cannot be overlooked. In Pastor Paul Starkey’s words.... “It all started with a baked potato!”

Jenna went to a local food truck to order a meal, the owner shared that an empty school in Portland was opening its doors (literally!) to non-profits who could remove and put to good use any of the remaining furniture and fixtures before the building was demolished soon. So, if she knew of anyone….


She did! From having attended Cascade View FMC, she knew the church was facing its next step in the construction of an educational wing. Whether or not Jenna knew that their school director, Lynn Starkey, had just been asking God about where to find all of the furnishings to equip the school, we don’t know, but God certainly had heard Lynn's prayers.


Just this week, a discounted storage unit was filled to overflowing with all of the FREE treasures they have discovered! Desks, chairs, tables, bookshelves – even a refrigerator for their teachers’ lounge, and many solid school doors ready to hang!


But the miracle didn’t end there.


 The Cascade View Christian School holds an annual fundraising auction, and over 311 bidders attended this year’s event on April 14th. By the time it all was counted, $35,000 had been raised - well exceeding their goal.

But the miracle didn’t end there.


Two weeks ago, Pastor Paul & Lynn were called to come quick! During their visit a special donor handed them a personal gift of $40,000 to be used toward the church’s construction costs! The walls are scheduled to go up on the educational wing in the next few weeks, and plans are being made for the roof.


With 150 students + a waiting list, the school is already full for the next academic year, and their community continues to be impacted by the accomplishing of a vision planted many years ago at Cascade View FMC.


So stay tuned --  the miracle continues.


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