Men's Advance '20 Re-Cap

Men's Advance lead-team director, Russ Baley, shares a re-cap of the powerful time shared by those who enjoyed a full weekend at Men's Advance the 1st weekend in March. "What an awesome time at Men's Advance this year. Best selling author and speaker Rick Johnson addressed men with authentic and sometimes gut-wrenching honesty. Rick challenged us to lead the families God gave us. He called us to be committed to God, our wives, children, grandchildren, nieces & nephews. He also called for men of all ages to step up & stand in the gap for those young people who have no father in the home. Worship Leader Tray Micheals did an amazing job bringing almost 100 men to their feet one minute and to their knees the next. The Holy Spirit showed up during our worship sessions. Numerous men including our worship leader were driven to their knees as they cried out for healing and provision to lead our families. Pastor Bruce Smith (Eugene - Living Hope) MC'd this wonderful weekend and called 'audibles' many times as the Holy Spirit led. It was truly an amazing weekend. Personally I was challenged and connected with many new and old FM brothers. We worshiped together, broke bread together, prayed together, cried together and were strengthened...together! I loved spending the weekend with my sons Logan and Samuel as they experienced the incredible brotherhood there! They are forever changed as am I. I want to thank the pastors who attended as well. Seeing my brothers and heroes of the faith worship beside their sons and church members was priceless. Big thanks to fellow Leadership Council member Dan Elsner (New Vision - Hillsboro) for sojourning with me, and for setting up the most incredible lighting display! Special thanks to Von from Willamina who made the round before each session praying over each chair and it's future occupant. It is my hope and prayer that Men's Advance 2021 will see many more men attend and connect with God and fellow brothers in the Oregon Conference! In HIS Gracious Grip! Pastor Russ Baley - Sanctuary Church, Gresham Men's Advance Director