GC19 Delegate Reflections

This is a great time to be part of the Free Methodist Church Family! That theme was woven throughout the 2019 General Conference in Orlando, Florida. This was by far the largest gathering in our history as over 2300 people from about 40 countries gathered through inspiring worship, important legislation (including electing our first female Bishop!), and engaging training experiences.

The Oregon Conference was represented by the following clergy delegates: Kelly Cohoe, Chris Hill, Rick Russell, Trisha Welstad; and reserve clergy delegates, Di Endicott and Carlene Nisley. Our lay delegates included: Angela Davis, Nancy Dunbar, Gerald Macon and Tina Macon. Over 35 people were able to attend from Oregon including 8 youth from our Eugene and Sherwood churches.

Here is a small sampling of the thoughts & reflections of those who experienced this pivotal event:


“I specifically appreciated the diversity of our 2 worship teams [who brought both Gospel & Latino styles]; The worship experience … clearly facilitated the presence of God and set the stage for all that followed…” ~Kelly

“I loved the intentional effort to have us engage in prayer with each other at every gathering, and the reminders of our specific identity as His FM ‘tribe’.” ~Di

Prayer Summit & Training Sessions

“Monday was dedicated to prayer…. All I can say is wow! What a way to start things off.” ~Kelly

“I arrived early for the Prayer Summit… so glad that I came for this encouraging and inspiring day.” ~Di

“…we enjoyed all of the networking opportunities between sessions; leaders from other churches facing some of the same challenges we do.” ~Gerald & Tina

Our FMC Family Connections

“GC19 was an incredible time of worship, encouragement, and networking with other ministers from across the globe! …[it] reminded me of our prophetic voice in our world to be people who bring the whole gospel to the whole world.” ~Trisha

“The sweet sense of community within our FM tribe was palpable.” ~Nancy

“We were encouraged by the awesome work being done around the world by the FMC.” ~Gerald & Tina

Impact on Individual Lives

“God’s words to me at GC – ‘if you really want the church to grow, let me have it completely… You are mine and the church is mine.’” ~Carlene

“We felt the Lord’s presence in everything we took part in.” ~Gerald & Tina “Having worship, speaking, and workshops facilitated by diverse leaders provided ways for me to connect with God that don’t always happen.” ~Trisha

Delegate Involvement

“I am struck by how seriously our denominational family has taken the need for more diverse leadership, and I’m encouraged by the process that was flexible to those calls.” ~Rick

“By the time we [voted] on Wednesday, we were saturated in prayer and worship and His presence.” ~Di

“One of the beautiful things…was the unity and clarity we experienced when, after only one round of voting the clear leaders were obvious.” ~Angela

“The election of our first woman as a bishop, and the ethnic diversity elected to our national BOA felt like movement in the right direction for the FMCUSA.” ~Kelly

The Future of the FMCUSA

“I loved hearing the stories of churches that are growing after discerning with God [some] out-of-the-box ways to connect with their communities.” ~Angela

“... my conclusion of the week was that we are seeking His face and hungry for His presence and willing to walk in His ways. I was very encouraged!” ~Di


Photos T-B: PDX feet ready for Youth Summit!; Powerful worship; Rev. Kenny Martin at Prayer Summit; Bishops’ farewell; Bishop Elect Whitehead w/ Supt. Hill; Arlene, Carlene, (?-een) & Marleen!; Cohoes w/ Supts. Traylor; Bishop Nominees w/ spouses; Bishops Elect Linda Adams, Keith Cowart, Matt Whitehead.