The history of the Free Methodist Church is rooted in the biblical command to live in holy love.  This love comes from God and is available to all. …. Jesus embodied this good news of the kingdom in His life, death, rising from death and continuing work in our world.  He works transformation through His followers — bringing forgiveness, mending brokenness and setting people free to live with fearless love and confident hope.  (Excerpt from “Free to be Whole”, 2013) 

Find much more on our FM heritage at the Marston Memorial Historical Society. 

What is a Free Methodist?



The Good News: The Gospel of Jesus Christ is good news...

The Free Methodist Way  This 8-page, full-color booklet describes our FM values and distinctives that set us apart from other faith families.  These are ideal to share with your local church family to bring clarity, unity, and a unique culture to our Free Methodist congregations everywhere. 

Read about: 

  • Life-Giving Holiness

  • Love-Driven Justice

  • Christ-Compelled Multiplication

  • Cross-Cultural Collaboration

  • God-Given Revelation


UR Free Methodist:   What does it mean to be a Free Methodist?

Book of Discipline, 2019:  The history, theological roots and global contemporary mission of the FMCUSA. 

FM Articles of Religion:  From the Free Methodist Book of Discipline for reference & guidance.


Join the discussion! 
A current, interactive forum is offered in Free Methodist Conversations for the purpose of impacting both present and future generations through thoughtful discussion in a safe & respectful, moderated, forum.  While many more could be addressed, four specific topics have been chosen by the Study Commission on Doctrine. You are encouraged to read these thought-provoking articles and share your best thoughts.

Purpose and Character of the Free Methodist Church

The Free Methodist Church is best understood within the framework of the biblical concept of the church, the perspective provided by its historical heritage and its commitment to meeting human need.

~ Book of Discipline 2019

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